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Time To Change Your Tune

If you use radio mics you need to know about the critical changes being made to the 700 MHz spectrum that may affect you and your business.

Across Europe, 694 - 790 MHz is being cleared to make space for new '5G' mobile internet services. The frequency band will subsequently be unavailable for radio mics, IEMs or wireless comms from early 2020, but the process to clear it has started. Digital TV transmitters are already being retuned, so you could be affected much sooner than that - even if your equipment isn't in the 700 MHz band.  

Thanks to lobbying efforts by the British Entertainment Industry Radio Group (BEIRG), of which we are a part, the Government has agreed that affected users in our industry will need to be compensated, but details of what this will be and how to qualify have not yet been announced.  

No-one knows radio like Autograph - we operate over 1,200 channels of radio every night, seven days a week, so there is simply no-one better qualified to guide you through these enforced changes, with frequency planning, equipment choices and sound, impartial advice about the rapidly changing face of wireless.

Keep an eye on this website for more information as it becomes available, or contact one of our team to add your details to our database for automatic updates.

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