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The Museum Of The Order Of St John And Autograph

A recently-completed project at The Museum of the Order of St John in London EC1 highlights not only the diversity of our work but also the range of environments and applications to which our skills and experience apply.

The museum is one of the great hidden treasures of London, tracing the continuous history of a charity that dates back over 900 years and to which the world-famous St John’s Ambulance Service owes its existence. Our own Euan Mackenzie was originally asked to assist with improving their wireless microphone systems, but the project subsequently expanded to include a new audio system much better suited to their needs.

Three Tannoy VLS15 column loudspeakers and a single Martin Audio CSX112 subwoofer have been discreetly installed, their design sitting well within the decor of the beautiful buildings yet providing clear and intelligible reproduction throughout the space. The system is powered by two Lab-Gruppen E-series amplifiers and controlled (wirelessly via iPhone or iPad when necessary) by a Yamaha MTX3 processor which also acts as an ‘auto-mixer’ for the new Sennheiser 100-Series wireless microphones. A Denon CD player was also supplied for playback duties through the new system.

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