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Audio For Contemporary Worship In Kentish Town

Installing sound systems in traditional worship spaces usually presents problems that are not easily solved, as they tend to be large and very reverberant. Untamed reverberation is the enemy of intelligibility, yet (for obvious reasons) intelligibility of the spoken word is paramount in these environments.

Close to our previous premises in Kentish Town, Saint Benet and All Saints' Church asked us to design and install a new sound system for their extensive weekly programme of worship and community activity. The acoustics of the 1920s building were sufficiently challenging that the priest had the greatest difficulty in making himself heard - fortunately our long experience with working in challenging spaces was invaluable in achieving the best possible result in this lovely 1920s building.

Following evaluation of the space we specified eight Tannoy VLS15 column loudspeakers, specifically because their design allows sound dispersion to be confined to the audience area much more accurately than with traditional loudspeakers. This plus very careful positioning means that much less reverberation is generated and thus intelligibility is greatly improved. An additional pair of compact Tannoy DVS-series units were installed to cover the chancel area, and all the loudspeakers are powered by Lab-Gruppen E-Series amplifiers.

Other equipment included a Sennheiser radio transmitter fitted to the lectern microphone, meaning no wires from it to the audio system, plus Sennheiser wireless microphones and a Yamaha MTX3 processor.

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