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Scotty's Beamed Up!

We are very pleased to announce that our hire store (Engine Room) manager, Scott Arnold, has been promoted to join the board of directors (The Bridge). Scott has become our Rental Director, which basically means he continues to do the same job but now sits at the top table and has a say in steering the ship. He will join fellow boardroom trekkies, Andrew, Terry, Duncan and Tony (I will leave you to work out who is Spock etc) and hopefully with phaser set to stun, will be the voice of the hire department.

Scott has been on board for sometime now, having been rescued from the volatile planet Freelanceiad 16 years ago whilst we were on our continuing mission to seek out new territories.

His dedicated managing of the Engine Room, we have never lacked power or thrust, has been the main reason for him being singled out by Starfleet Command. That and his ability to carry off the wearing of a tight t-shirt, tight pants and black boots.

We congratulate him on his exalted position and working with us to wipe out the Klingons and boldly going where no hire company has gone before.

Into Darkness, certainly not!

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