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Autograph And EM Acoustics At The Royal Opera House

Autograph were tasked with sourcing a high quality, powerful point-source system with matching subwoofers for their upstage effects playback rig. Autograph arranged a comprehensive demo for the ROH, including a variety of products from three prestigious loudspeaker brands in the theatre market, at the conclusion of which EM Acoustics' MSE-159 and MSE-118 products were selected.

Autograph's Peppe Mallozzi commented, "The ROH were looking for a high quality system exclusively to handle upstage sound effects. We have always been of the opinion that the only way to make sound effects appear as though they emanate from upstage is to have them played from a dedicated system that is physically located there. Consequently four EMS-118 subwoofers will be semi-permanently located at suitable spots either side of the stage while the MSE-159s will be located according to the requirements of the production, which could mean they will be discreetly suspended above the stage and perhaps hidden in the scenery."

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