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Autograph's Signature Series - Peace Of Mind In Manchester

Autograph Sales & Installations recently supplied the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester with a package of audio equipment which included a pair of our very own Signature Series switchover devices, an XMAD-1 MADI switcher and an XUSB-2 Computer Changeover unit.

Sorcha Williams is Head Of Sound at the theatre and said, "You hope never have to use a redundant system, but at the end of the day, it's a computer and the reality is that there is always a risk something will fall over at some point, so you need to be prepared. Having used the Signature Series equipment as part of our hires from Autograph Sound it made sense to go that route. Previous to this purchase, we were running analogue outputs from sound cards through a large analogue switcher unit as we had to go into the desk analogue, now we have upgraded to input onto the desk over MADI which has made our QLab system rack more compact and increased the number of channels we can offer designers."

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