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Pixel Artworks With Meyer And TiMax

We were very excited to be closely involved with Pixel Artworks’ new state-of-the-art demonstration space. The following is an extract from the official release:

Pixel Artworks’ recently unveiled its first-of-a-kind, hybrid spatial audio and multimedia demonstration system located within its London head office. The immersive space features a floor-to-ceiling, projection experience met by the unrivalled dynamic audio capabilities of TiMax Soundhub, which not only handles the programming and reproduction of multichannel immersive spatial audio shows but enhances traditional stereo and 5.1 formats as well. Delivered through a Meyer Sound loudspeaker system, the full-saturation immersive audio combines with the also immersive, projection experience to demonstrate the level of creativity and innovation that goes into every Pixel Artworks project, from design through to delivery. 

The company collaborated with leading UK audio specialists Autograph to supply the best possible audio demonstration system. Alongside TiMax, which assigns timing and 3D placement of each track in the room, assuring a seamless audio experience regardless of the listener’s position in the space, Autograph specified and supplied a 14-channel Meyer Sound loudspeaker system combining 12 ultra-compact MM4-XPs, a centrally-located Ashby-8C ceiling unit and a single MM10-XP subwoofer. To achieve the desired sonic impact, the Meyer Sound loudspeakers are installed unobtrusively at several levels around the room.

Trevor Nichol, Senior Production Manager at Pixel Artworks commented, “Collaborating with Autograph has been a great experience. They went above and beyond to design a bespoke system taking into account our needs for the showroom space, therefore we have a system which sounds fantastic and fits seamlessly into our room. The TiMax object-based spatial audio and multimedia demonstration system allows us to manipulate audio piece by piece to create a dynamic and immersive experience like never before, and the suggested Meyer loudspeakers were a clear choice offering the best quality audio in an amazingly small chassis.”

“The after sales from Autograph has been great too, particularly whilst programming and tuning the TiMax spacial audio system, getting the best possible audio quality and experience for our visitors. The response has been fantastic.”

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