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Autograph Replace Comms Inventory At Neg Earth

The disastrous fire that destroyed Neg Earth’s Park Royal premises claimed, among much else, all the communications equipment on site, necessitating a rapid acquisition of new Clear-Com units to cover their ongoing workload.

Autograph stepped into the breach regarding the lost comms equipment, loaning Neg Earth a significant inventory until the new units could be delivered. In rapid order Autograph organised a large shipment for Neg Earth including 31 pairs of Clear-Com CC-400 / CC-300 headsets, 103 RS-701 / RS-702 beltpacks, 19 MS-702 Main Stations, and 70 pairs of Beyerdynamic DT 109 headsets, replacing the lost units.

Autograph’s Ben Tredwell said, ‘A fire like that is obviously everyone’s worst nightmare and we were very happy to help Neg Earth out while the new stock was acquired’.

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