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Goldman Sachs Goes i-Live with Allen & Heath

The central London premises of one of the world largest investment banks has beaten the credit crunch and joined the digital revolution with the recent installation of a new Allen and Heath i-Live system within the main conference facility at their corporate headquarters.

Goldman Sachs Fleet Street offfices

As technology maintains it’s rapid progression forward, the in-house team at this well-established multi-national continued their own advance with the updating of much of their aging equipment, while also wishing to add improved levels of redundancy to the system. Allen and Heath’s i-Live mixing system was identified as a potential replacement for much of the central hub of their complex conference system, with an added benefit of dramatically simplifying the setup. Another significant advantage is the more hands on approach to system configuration and control of audio signals within the facility, while integration to the outside world, both before and during events and conferences, has become more streamlined.

A pleasure to use from the very first moment

Options for the improved system installation were compared and contrasted at Autograph Sales & Installations premises in Tufnell Park, with the range of candidates presented to visiting engineers. After a brief but valuable run through on the i-Live, the system quickly became the obvious choice due to the huge range of user options and configuration possibilities, the system’s extreme flexibility and it’s almost “analogue in feel” nature.

The console was the first real in-depth digital experience for many of the resident engineers, all of whom took to the desk in moments and soon found themselves in complete control and with a comprehensive understanding of it’s functions and operation.

The choice of an i-Live 112 frame became simple following the product demonstration as it featured all the required control parameters while still maintaining a small footprint. The rack and rear of the frame were loaded with analogue input and output cards to deal with the huge number of sources and destinations required. Following the initial demonstration, the technical personnel felt a sufficient grasp and understanding of the system to proceed with the plan of integration into the existing equipment and setup. Autograph’s engineer Pete Busby was on hand during subsequent weeks to answer more in-depth questions relating to the console and its functions, and to talk through any specifics relating to specifications and installation planning.

He says “the in-house engineers found the i-Live a pleasure to use from the very first moment, quickly picking up the operational characteristics. They found it to be very close to an analogue console in terms of methodology, while obviously having all the amazing benefits and advantages of a digital mixing system.”

Integration of the console to the constantly in-use facility at the central premises was performed with notable assistance from Kent-based system integrators Electrosonic along with in house staff. Pete Busby joined the engineers on site for two days to perform a system run through and to define and assist through the configuration specifics. The whole process was performed without any problems, with the integration of the system into the conference facility one of the easiest changeovers ever experienced by the companies and individuals involved.

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