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Autograph Spreads The DiGiCo Love Far And Wide...

In addition to the continuous stream of case studies and news stories we produce about our favourite digital mixing console brand, we also like to recognise those clients who are just too busy doing what they do to help us put an item together! Here therefore are some of the fine people and organisations to whom we have recently had the pleasure of supplying DiGiCo products:

Consoles equipped with the theatre-specific ‘T’ software (developed in close collaboration with Autograph and available on SD7, SD9 and SD10 models) continues to dominate theatrical applications. Dimension Audio recently purchased an SD10T for ‘Tommy The Musical’, while the English National Opera's SD7T (complete with OpticalCON fibre optic network, an SD-Rack and an SD7 Script Tray) adds to their existing inventory of D5T, SD11i, DigiRacks and Mini-DigiRacks.

Away from the capital, regional theatres are also enjoying the operational benefits of ‘T’ software, a recent example being the Chichester Festival Theatre with their SD7T.

In other applications, Terry Tew's company is busier than ever and recently added SD7, SD10 and SD11 consoles to their already impressive DiGiCo inventory, all supplied by Autograph. The military have also discovered the benefits of working with us and DiGiCo have been enjoyed by the Royal Marines Band who now have an SD7 to assist with their busy programme of concerts, while east London-based PA hire operation HARK now include an SD10 in their hire stock.

Autograph Sales & Installations are the UK’s leading authority in the specification, configuration, supply and support for all DiGiCo products and also run regular DiGiCo training sessions at their west London headquarters. If you’d like to know more then please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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