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Autograph Supply Flexible Audio Solution For Berkshire Arts Centre

Arlington Arts Centre in Newbury, Berkshire, is one of the facilities owned by Mary Hare Services Ltd, a company which provides a wide range of services, training, products and facilities that raise funds for Mary Hare School for the Deaf. Opened in 2006, its annual programme includes a very diverse array of productions from live music of all kinds through to theatre, dance and comedy. It is also available as a hire space for conferences and events.

Like any such contemporary venue with such an array of different uses, the expectations of its audio system change regularly and greatly. Autograph Sales & Installations have recently completed a cooperative project with the centre, which saw them provide consultation, supply and commissioning services resulting in an installed sound system which easily meets the needs of every user.

Autograph’s Euan MacKenzie led the project and after a lengthy period of discussion he recommended a d&b audiotechnik system comprising four Yi7P compact two-way and four E8 co-axial loudspeakers plus two B6 subwoofers, all powered and processed by a pair of 10D DSP-equipped four-channel amplifiers. The amplifiers were supplied in an equipment rack configured by Autograph complete with custom panel work and the system was installed by the client with some assistance from Euan.

The main house system utilises the four Yi7Ps with two mounted high either side of the proscenium and two close to the level of the stage, with each pair EQ’d and time-aligned for their respective zones via the DSP in the 10D amplifiers. The upper pair cover the rear half of the room, the lower pair (plus the four E8s acting as inner and outer fills) cover the nearer half and the two subwoofers sit on the floor each side of the stage.

The venue’s director, Tony Trigwell-Jones is delighted with the outcome, which he describes saying, ‘For a number of years now we have been lucky enough to be considered among the best live venues in the south of England, particularly for live music. Now we have the sound system to match our reputation.’

He goes on to explain further the venue’s association with Mary Hare: ‘We have always aimed at being more than a school’s theatre but, at the same time, recognising that we are here to support a national Deaf charity, so having a state-of-the-art sound system will help the young people in assemblies and performances here at the centre’.

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